Modern scientific research suggests that mindfulness practice makes lasting positive changes in our minds and brains. It has numerous practical benefits like increased concentration, clarity, and equanimity which can greatly enhance our everyday existence. 

Mindfulness can be used to address a wide array of issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It's an effective means to make healthy behavior changes and discover an attitude of friendliness and compassion. At its most profound, it facilitates deep self-knowledge, wisdom, and personal awakening. 

Simply put, mindfulness is about minimizing suffering and maximizing happiness. This contemporary, universal path allows us to be more authentic, fully human beings living our best lives.

I work with individual clients and groups, both in-person and online around the world with platforms like Zoom. Through coaching, advocacy, and writing, I aim to educate people about mindfulness, facilitate their access to training, and help them meet their goals. 

  • To provide quality, custom-tailored mindfulness instruction, informed by the most current scientific research, for tangible and practical results

  • To address the needs of clients suffering from debilitating physical and mental issues, especially those that haven't responded to traditional treatments

  • To offer a method of deep transformation and liberation which fosters happiness independent of circumstances 

  • To accommodate everyone by working within their financial capabilities

  • Personalized Mindfulness Coaching

    • One-On-One​

    • Groups

    • Online / In-Person

  • Mindfulness Consulting​

  • Program Design

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Presentations

  • Article Writing

  • On-Demand Blogging

  • Content Creation

  • Copy Writing

  • More than 20 years of meditation experience

  • Extensive study and training in modern secular mindfulness, the science behind it, and trauma-sensitive approaches

  • Certified as a coach by Unified Mindfulness